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Three Timeless Glamour Techniques

Want to go for that timeless touch of traditional or vintage glamour? We’ve got exactly the right tips for the job. Focus on these three areas of the face to create a flawless look.

The Cheekbones:

Contouring might seem like a new trend, but it’s not. Defining the face using the contours of your cheekbones and the fleshy part of the cheek is a timeless technique. But there are different ways to approach the technique. Using contouring kits can be a useful way to start and they can offer a great look. But it can be tricky to choose the right shades to really get that natural-looking definition. So, be careful to get the balance right for your skin tone and facial shape. It could be worth your while to ask an expert about your options. Another, age-old technique is to use two shades of blush across the cheek line rather than sticking to bronzers. The key here is to stay light and blend the shades with at touch of finesse. Don’t go too heavy ion the darker blush tones unless you’re going for a more striking image. Medium to light blush tones to define your cheekbones will give you that vintage, Grace Kelly style. Depending on your budget, face shape and age, there are also filler options and non-invasive therapies that can give longevity to the definition on the face and give your look that all-important lift.

The Eyes Have it:

Get some sleep! That’s right. There are plenty of eye make-up tips and tutorials out there for colours, shades, blending, lashes and so on. But the most important thing for your eyes is a good night’s sleep. But we’re realistic. We know life is busy; work, kids, socialising, more work, a bit of sleep, repeat. Along with the strains of a busy lifestyle, lack of sleep will result in dark circles, bags and, unfortunately, those extra crows-feet and under-eye wrinkles creeping up on you prematurely. Creams and moisturising lifts can offer a temporary fix but often don’t live up to the mark. Professional cosmetic solutions are a good option to tackle ‘tired eyes’. The make-up that follows doesn’t need to be overly complicated. In fact, lifted and fresh-looking eyes simply need a make-up that compliments their shape. And for that classic, vintage look, you know we’re going smoky. Always.

Luscious Lips:

How do you achieve the perfect pout? Well those of you who are blessed with the natural, full lip, we salute you and are ever so slightly jealous. A full lip can finish off a vintage look to perfection and adds that essential touch of glamour to your overall look. Foe those of us that have to work a little harder though, there are options and cheats. So, relax. There’s help out there. Along with all of the affordable filler options and more permanent treatments, we have an additional tip on the cheat sheet: Contour your lips. Yep, we said it. Stop thinking in one-dimension, and thing four or five. To really add texture and depth to the lip, consider blending a number of shades of lipstick, with the darker shades at the outline, and the lighter shades on the fuller part of the lip to add shine and texture. Then pout, strike a pose, it’s Selfie O’Clock