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The best breathable fabrics for summer

It’s ironic that after waiting out a long winter in endless layers and then rejoicing as spring finally gives way to the hot days of summer, that much-craved sun and its old pal humidity can so easily make your life unbearable because you simply don’t have the wardrobe to cope with it.


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The trick to being comfortable in the heat, whether you are dressing for work or enjoying some free time, is to go for breathable fabrics, which makes it easy for you to combine style with comfort in one easy move. This is why you find that Wedding Guest Dresses that are intended for summer events, such as those that you can find at will be made from a variety of different fabrics so that you can ensure that you stay cool as well as looking fabulous!

Here’s a brief rundown of the material you need to look out for the next time you go shopping for a summer wardrobe.


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Cotton is the ultimate fibre for trousers, shirts, skirts, dresses or jackets. As a 100 per cent natural material, cotton lets air circulate through the clothing rather than trapping it. In humid conditions, it will definitely help keep that sweat level down. Both casual polo and smart buttoned shirts made from cotton are available in a range of colours and designs.


This lightweight material looks a lot like denim. However, it is made from cotton and generally has a high thread count, so it’s a lighter and cooler alternative to its heavier cousin.


This lightly woven natural fibre is the ultimate in “keep cool” clothes as it absorbs perspiration effortlessly, making it easy to stay cool. The price you have to pay for great breathability is the high chance of your garments wrinkling, though a quick spray from a water bottle or the steam from a shower tends to restore this to normal pretty quickly. Alternatively, you could look out for clothes made using the modern version of linen, with a tighter weave, as this reduces wrinkles considerably.


Synthetic fabric such as rayon is also a wise choice for breathable clothes. Rayon can be produced to mimic silk, linen or cotton, without any creasing concerns, so it is pretty versatile. It’s common for sports and leisure clothes to be made from rayon as it is able to absorb moisture well, without trapping excess, and it doesn’t trap body heat. Blended materials like this are easy to wash and dry.