Pride and Gay Prejudice

Pride is a globally recognised celebration and platform for the voices of LGBT people and their continuing fight for equality. But has progress started to burn out, and why?

Pride and Progress:

Pride is a celebration of equality. It is the signifying event that continues to fly the flag for LGBT rights and society’s progress towards true equality and acceptance. Pride has, and still plays an important role for progress, globally.

We need Pride:

Abolishing Pride or minimising it with the call for so-called ‘Straight pride’ is only to undo all of the progress Pride has accomplished. Pride is about equality and the abolishment of oppression. It is not about rising the rights of the LGBT community above those of others, rather including them as equal. But people misinterpret the celebratory aspect as something to be dismissed and still socially excluded. But why is being LGBT still seemingly so controversial to modern society?

The belief prejudice:

One of the most common ‘excuses’ people give as to why they have a negative or disapproving view on the LGBT community is that it doesn’t fall in line with their religious or political beliefs. Those preaching that their religion proclaims that homosexuality is wrong have been around since day dot, but more recently LGBT rights have also been threatened by politics. Radical feminist views, even those identifying as gay or queer, have even called for Pride protests against the transgender (women in particular) community.

The future:

It’s not as complex an issue when you look at Pride and equality objectively. LGBT rights are human rights. LGBT equality and acceptance is human acceptance and peaceful existence. So, rather than marginalising differences and protesting based on political or religious beliefs, we should take Pride on its true meaning: Let’s celebrate the diversity of humanity and the positivity of Pride and all it stands for.